A little tour of my studio and the secret of how I made the Wet Nuns video

Its been a little over a week since the release of the animation I made for the Wet Nuns video and the response to video has been phenomenal! A massive thank you to everybody for their positive comments.

A lot of people have been asking me how I did it, so I thought I’d share the (not very glamourous) bit of “equipment” that made it all possible… Two bits of wooden board stuck together with the top one cut to fit an embroidery hoop! The whole set up was raised using old books, the camera tripod balanced to hang directly over the board and the entire thing was held together with plasticine.

That’s it.

The camera wasn’t even that fancy, a little point and click nikon I usually just throw in my bag. The animation used over 1000 still photos all of which were cropped and colour adjusted in photoshop (which I could never have done without the help of my friend, fellow artist and next door neighbour, Katie – check out her blog http://www.allawry.com) and the entire thing was put together using quicktime 7.







I know that’s not the most exciting blog post ever written so I thought I throw in some photos of my studio space – firstly because I’m a nosey bugger who likes to see what other peoples houses and work spaces look like and assume that I can’t be the only one!

And secondly, to show off my new (-ish) toy in its new home – my embroidery frame! I had this built for me by the wonderful woodwork technician (Jim) at my uni from a couple of very grainy photos I found on google last year (I have no idea what blog they came from). The top cross bar was something I had added for the purposes of mounting a camera and lighting onto as an improvement on the embroidery-hoop-slotted-into-a-bit-of-wood system of photographing my in-progress embroidery and making more animations, of course!

PS. I make no apologies for the state of my studio, this isn’t a homes and gardens magazine set up, this is where I (and my lovely partner) spend most of our time doing work. That said I did have a quick tidy up, mainly getting rid of the half drunk mugs of tea that I like to decorate all the surfaces in my home with!


  1. Your video was amazing, as is your use of double running. Kudos!

  2. Now THIS is contemporary embroidery :)

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