I’m a post graduate art student based in Sheffield (UK)

My work is grounded in the materials of domestic textile craft techniques, I focus on skill and process to deconstruct the craft object and explore temporal notions of time and the modularization of labour.

I’m examining the hand-made object within a contemporary art context. What IS the artwork? The process of making, the documentation of that process or the object produced? Should the value be placed on the material thing, its creation or simply the idea?

One comment

  1. Craig Helliwell

    Hi toni
    i met you last night at the Washington, we talked craft. Cool site and card; are you a fan of the Chapman brothers gothic illustrations? http://www.jakeanddinoschapman.com
    If your moving to London for work, i hope your going to continue your own work. My immediate thought is that your designs are strong/commercial enough to applied to products?
    I have some naive gothic images of my own that ive saved over the years such as grave stone carvings, wall paintings in the chapel at Haddon hall and a graphic design book i bought with some nice machine stitched graphics. craighelliwell@yahoo.co.uk


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