sampler/sampler_2.0 – an open source digital artwork

“The term “open source” refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible.” []

Both myself and Sean work with open source software and the sampler/sampler project was created with the assumption that we would make it freely available for others to use and adapt. []

In the process of building sampler/sampler_1.0 it became quickly apparent that the system had a lot of scope for possible development – foremost being an interactive installation piece.

In it’s current form, the both the Processing and SuperCollider code can be run on a computer (or 2 networked computers) with enough processing power and it is not particularly demanding (running fine on my 10 year old laptop).
However, the major parts of transforming sampler/sampler into an installation are expanding the network and creating more intuitive interfaces (i.e. touchscreen).

In keeping with the open source philosophy our aim is to adapt our code to run on cheaply and easily available hardware thus enabling sampler/sample_2.0 to be shown anywhere in the world with little/no input from Sean or myself, as well as giving others the freedom to adapt and develop it however they want.

We have decided to try to get the code running on Rasperry Pi single board computers as they are one of the most popular and cheap as well as having some of the most reasonably priced touch screens available.

And so…

All this work has to start somewhere – firstly, getting Processing and SuperCollider working on the Pi!!

(I think I’ll save the touchscreen for another day!)

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