Methodology Maps

I stayed home yesterday as the weather was cold (and the studio heating isn’t on yet) plus I’ve been in a bit of a flat mood and I find my thinking gets really very foggy when I’ve got the morbs*.
I decided to do a bit of the required university training and completed the compulsory research ethics course – I can’t see this being relevant to my research. What was far more useful was the course on research methodology, finding out about methods from material culture studies that I could apply to my own research.

I also found some extremely useful structures for thinking about practice-led research:

  • Practice-Led Research, Research-Led Practice in the Creative Arts, ed. by Hazel Smith and R. T. Dean (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2009).
  • Carole Gray and Julian Malins, Research Procedures / Methodology for Artists & Designers, (1993).

Combining it all together I’ve drawn a “Methodology Map” which I’ve included in this post (in this case I think the diagram makes more sense!)

* ‘got the morbs’ = Victorian slang term for melancholy. I heard the term a few years ago and, ironically, it always makes me giggle.

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