I spent two days going through my journal notebook and translating my notes into this blog. What I realised through the process of re-reading and re-writing is that it seems to be a natural way to reflect on my work and research. My personal notes can be rather scrappy – by attempting to re-draft them for an audience I have to refine and refocus my thinking.

So what came out of this reflective process?

I think my overriding impression is that I need some studio time. I have been rapidly gathering initial research and testing out some possible approaches but I haven’t given myself any time to work through anything thoroughly. My studio practice is my primary mode of investigation and it needs time – drawing, embroidery and working with digital systems need to evolve through consistent work.

Therefore, I have decided to postpone my planned research trip at the end of February. I am already booked to go down to London next week and I know what I want to document (the second pillow cover T.82-1924) – this should give me enough material to work with for the next few weeks.

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