5th February 2020: Practice as Research Seminar

I often berate myself for not taking meticulous notes during seminars, I’m too interested in the conversation to do much more than scribble a few things down which I don’t normally write up into blog posts (because they are pretty incomprehensible) – however today’s session did get me noting quite a few things down, mostly question that I want to keep in mind when thinking about practice as research:

Where is the insight generated and how do you articulate it?

What is the difference between the representation of an idea and research?

Are you just trying to articulate an idea you already have?

Thinking through a process – where does the shift in thinking occur? During the process or in the reflection?

Studio practice – grounded in a set of ideas or questions but with enough room for new insights to emerge?

Engagement with materials and processes:

• what leads to the ‘micro-decisions’ made during the process?

• How do you translate these into insights and how do you articulate this?

Setting the practice up against established ways of researching/working – the speculative as a space for discourse (failure?)

Contexts of making – an act of orientation not representation?

• placing things in new contexts and building new ones (i.e., taking the Blackwork objects from its context as a historical artefact)


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