More work in the archive

Another long day in the archive gathering photographic data. The grid seems to have worked nicely and this should give me a fixed scale for working with when I get back to the studio.

I also got the right side photographed with the microscope. In an area where the plait stitch had come away I noticed that the patterns seem to be under the plait stitch – meaning the patterns were worked first. This is interesting because I usually work my outlines first and then fill in the patterns. But I don’t use particularly intricate stitches for my outlines, I suppose if you are working more complex stitches like plait stitches then doing them on top of the pattern edges makes more sense.

The other thing I noticed looking through the microscope is how beautiful the holes are where the stitching has disintegrated. It has left behind brilliant distortions in the weave of the fabric. I think these could make stunning textures for weavings

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