Tuesday 5th March 2019 – The slow processing of fragments

I have spent most of today working out how to process the enormous number of photos I have taken – mostly how to get a consistent scale so I can piece them together into a whole that will form the basis of my large scale drawing. It’s a rather laborious process of slightly adjusting the scale based on its neighbouring one – the grid I laid is proving useful but it’s still a very slow process.
So why do it this way?
Firstly, it’s a practical decision – I simply can’t get a large enough photo of the object with enough detail.
But secondly, the piecing together of fragments is part of my drawing process. I usually begin with a collage – this allows me, usually, to play with composition. I trace off, re-draw, copy and re-stick – it’s tricky to describe (I must attempt to at some point). My drawings are a process of slow refinement, increasing in detail with each iteration.
This case is slightly different. Here, I am trying to get an accurate copy of the design before I go in and draw the details from observation.
And so I am sitting and adjusting fragments. It’s rather tedious!

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