3rd April 2019: What I don’t know

Rosie and Katie visited the archives today – the amount of knowledge they have is simply incredible! They were able to analyse the embroideries in a much more in-depth way as they have the knowledge and experience of many more techniques that I am familiar with. I’m genuinely staggered by the amount I do not know and how little experience I have. This is obviously daunting, but it does present a brilliant opportunity to learn and be able to articulate that learning experience as part of my research process.

With their help, we managed to identify numerous complex stitches (T82-1924), far more than what is understood as being contemporary Blackwork.

With this list of guide I have come away with a plan for my embroidery training, starting with more advanced black work, moving onto goldwork and braided stitches, ‘mock’ shading and white work.

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