20th April: Building Models

Spent a most satisfying day beginning to build the first sculptural model for The Interlace Project – giant geometric forms inspired by silk moth cocoons. Marking up big pieces of cardboard, measuring the sides and angles, cutting the cardboard with a knife and taping each segment into place – building the shape up organically, deciding the shapes for the next section as I went along. It was a refreshing change of pace to be feeling out a form, something huge and bold, I’ve not worked this way for a long time, usually when I build, I have a very specific structure in mind, I make plans, I work out the measurements, and do most of the designing in software before I manufacture it. Here I wanted a more irregular form, there was no particular plan other than a rough shape and an awareness that the sections would need to be a suitable size for weaving on. It’s even quite different to the way I work with textiles, when doing embroidery, I usually markup the motif and have a detailed drawing to work from, although the drawing is often where I do the feeling out.


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