3rd July 2019: Supervision meeting with Becky, Penny and Yuen

The focus of today’s supervision was discussing my research to date with a view to the upcoming RF2. I briefly began by outlining what I think the key themes are emerging – Embodiment both of the maker and the ‘viewer’, Ghosts exploring the fragments, absences and possible imaginaries, Materiality, physical and digital materiality and ideas around copies and reconstructions. What I need to do is think about how these relate to my research aims and questions.

We discussed how I use digital technologies as a material and as another way to ‘see’. We talked about the RF2 and how I need to begin to structure my research: setting boundaries, finding gaps and deciding where and when to stop, think about what I am going to get rid of → what am I trying to find out and why? How do I follow the threads?


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