This week I made a start on consolidating all my research onto index cards because I’ve got stuff EVERYWHERE ( Word docs, pdfs, photos, drawings, voice recordings, 3 different digital note taking apps, scraps of paper, emails to myself, 8 notebooks and oh so many post-it notes) About 1/4 way through. I appear to be creating an analogue hypertext – there’s a lot of green stickies with cross references. Oh and the form my studio practice is going to take as a research enquiry hit me round the head on Tuesday while I was in Lidl with a hangover 😂

And in just over 3 hours (including the half hour to go and buy the perspex) I designed, modelled, prototypes, tested and batch produced 14 things (with interchangeable tops for different light defusing) that will do the same job I’ve been trying to do for half a week on the 3D printer. Thus proving that: a) shiny technology isn’t always the best answer, b) you should stick to what you know, c) I AM THE FUCKING QUEEN OF THE LASER CUTTER!