Made fibre optic weaving thing


And in just over 3 hours (including the half hour to go and buy the perspex) I designed, modelled, prototypes, tested and batch produced 14 things (with interchangeable tops for different light defusing) that will do the same job I’ve been trying to do for half a week on the 3D printer. Thus proving that: a) shiny technology isn’t always the best answer, b) you should stick to what you know, c) I AM THE FUCKING QUEEN OF THE LASER CUTTER!

1st August 2019: A note on digital/analogue materiality

I spent the afternoon making more cardboard cocoon models for the Interlace Project. I now have quite a few of these on the table in the studio and people who pass through the space seem quite taken with them. I just wanted to note down a quick thought that emerged from a conversation I have with another studio holder about how I am making these forms – these cardboard models are handmade digital objects. I design the 3D models in software, print out the nets, paste these onto cardboard, cut them out and then assemble them as 3D shapes using tape. There’s something interesting going on here about the movement between digital and analogue materials and making…