S3 7TX and S3 7UD (2011)

In March 2011 I was involved in putting together a group show at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield entitled Armed with Needles.

The group came together from various disciplines of the course in order to explore textiles, (some for the first time, others with more established textile based practices) to rediscover traditional processes and techniques and apply them to contemporary contexts.

The group was interested in using the tactile and often delicate nature of textile art to explore themes of isolation, poverty, alienation and urban decay that often accompany modern city living, whilst striving for the creation of beautiful objects that focused on and emphasized the materials used and skills of each artist.

For the exhibition I continued developing my earlier work exploring the industrial urban architecture and council housing of Sheffield and presenting it to an audience that may not have considered the beauty of these structures before.

I produced two hand embroideries of council housing estates in Sheffield (S3 7TX & S3 7UD) in a technique of counted thread embroidery known as Blackwork that became popular in England in the 16th century, in which repetitive patterns are used to fill design areas.

Armed With Needles Exhibition @ Bank Street Arts, Sheffield - S3 7TX & S3 7UD S3 7UD S3 7TX


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