“In terms of practice, there is no art without craft; the idea for a painting is not a painting.”
– Richard Sennet

“…art comes about only when there is a transfiguration of the artist’s thought by its successful incorporation in one of the art forms: there has to be this confrontation of idea and medium. Without these two poles – the idea, implacable, thorny, remote, and the medium, fleshy, lecherous and lurid – and without the battle between them and the final sinking of each sovereignty in a common wholeness, there can be no art.”
– Rodger Hilton

I make objects with fabric and stitch, often recording or performing live the processes and actions of making.

Engaging with the physicality of the materials I work with and the actions of their manipulation, I focus on skill and process to deconstruct the craft object and explore notions of time and labour.

I am interested in practical sewing skills, in particular how this knowledge is shared and taught, as well as the more decorative embellishment of hand stitched embroidery.

It is within the decorative use of hand stitch that I experiment, exploring traditional techniques and pushing the boundaries of these methods to create work that examines the hand-made object within a contemporary art context. What IS the artwork? The process of making, the documentation of that process or the object produced? Should the value be placed on the material thing, its creation or simply the idea?

While I use textiles to explore the multitude of connotations, associations and concepts that attach themselves to cloth and the labour involved in textile production, at the very core of my practice I am engaged with the physicality of the materials I work with and the actions of their manipulation – thought, touch and sight combining in synthesis.


Selected Exhibitions

2014: MA Show 2014, Hallam University, Sheffield

2014: Process, Cuploa Contempoary Art, Sheffield

2013: Wirksworth Festival, Wirksworth, Derbyshire

2013: Fear of Fa!ling @ Creative Sparks 2013, Hallam University, Sheffield

2013: You Are Here: A Sheffield Exhibition, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

2012: Never Mind the Bollocks: Here’s the Art Wankers , Creative Arts Development Space, Sheffield

2011: Occupation: Armed with Needles, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Residencies, Projects and Performances

2015: Digital Media Labs, Barrow-in-Furness (http://www.digitalmedialabs.org/)

2015: SONIC PATTERN GROUP RESIDENCY, Access Space, Sheffield (https://inhabitingthehack.github.io/2015/11/18/sonic-pattern-residency/)


Why you so cold? – Music Video of the Year 2012, ArtRocker Magazine


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